We at Flobico Limited are dedicated in providing the best assorted West African foods and excellent services to our customers worldwide. We value our customers because they are the core of our business. The enormous support and patronage of our customers have kept us in business since 1997.

What make Flobico Limited unique is that we give free samples of our products at your request. This will give you the confidence that you are purchasing the best and quality product.

YAM: We export small to large scale order of yam to different countries. Some of our yams include pona and white yams. We have no limit to our order. All orders are welcome be it 20 feet or 40 feet container order.

PALM OIL:Any quantity of palm oil can be ordered. Some of the palm oil we exports include Zomi, regular, and others.

DRIED FISH: We deal in different kinds of dry fish.

PEPPER: We export both whole and powdered pepper.

GARI: We export the finest and most quality gari. We only deal in gari that are Grade A.

SHITO: Our shito taste really good. Any quantity of shito can be ordered.

BANKU MIX: Our banku mix taste good.

CORN POWDER: Our corn powder can be turned into kenkey or banku.

GINGER: We export both whole and powdered ginger.

KHEBAB POWDER: Our khebab powder can be used for khebab (Barbecue).

PORRIDGE: We export porridge such as Hausa Koko.

AGUSHIE AND WEDEEABA: We have in stock Agushie and Wedeeaba. Agushie is used for stew. Wedeeaba is also used for porridge and a lot of things.

CASSAVA FLOUR: We export quality cassava flour.

SMOKED FISH: We deal in different kinds of smoke fish.

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Corporate Headquarters
Flobico Limited
P.O.BOX 12238
Accra - North, Ghana
Tel: +233-244364018, +233-244101429
United States Branch
Flobico LLC
85 Grandview Ave, Hamden, CT 06514, U.S.A.
Tel: +1-312-912-2835
Fax: +1-718-991-1541

Warehouse Location:
454 Coster St, Bronx, New York 10474, U.S.A.
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